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Oasis flyby by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Oasis flyby :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 41 10 Earth prime greenhouse home by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Earth prime greenhouse home :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 30 10 The Moon Titan by SuperSaiyan3Scooby The Moon Titan :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 36 0 New Titan by SuperSaiyan3Scooby New Titan :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 32 14 World building 1 (Ruvania part 1) by SuperSaiyan3Scooby World building 1 (Ruvania part 1) :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 27 11 Life's Avatar by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Life's Avatar :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 19 5
Rough Draft(Cyrus the wanderer Lore)
Cyrus The Wanderer
In the beginning, The Creator Created the universe. With the perfect universe came the first galaxy which was hand spun by the Creators own hand. With the first galaxy came the first planet known as alpha and the first sentience beings made in the Creators own image. All was perfect in the universe, No wars, diseases, age, pain or sorrows. The creator gave the first living creaturs free will and the will to live for as long as they could without fear of dying of age. The only way to die was from the hands of another. For centuries peace and tranquility lasted in this perfect galaxy, all wile new ones were being created. The Human like beings learnt technologies far beyond anything to come. They discovered new worlds and traveled to the ends of their own galaxy. Sadly, even in a perfect world, free will can be a curse. One day, a brilliant minded individual came up with the idea of a world government to help run the this growing frontier. In a world where there was no
:iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 5 5
Mean Green Killing machine by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Mean Green Killing machine :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 48 8 Shantae (Update) by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Shantae (Update) :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 149 26 Mighty switch force (Grayscale to color) by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Mighty switch force (Grayscale to color) :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 21 1 Mighty Switch Force by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Mighty Switch Force :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 59 3 Lighting process wip by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Lighting process wip :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 15 4 Princess Mononoke (update) by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Princess Mononoke (update) :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 57 14 Priness Mononoke (monochrome) by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Priness Mononoke (monochrome) :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 50 5 Acrylic midterm painting by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Acrylic midterm painting :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 21 11 finals oil painting by SuperSaiyan3Scooby finals oil painting :iconsupersaiyan3scooby:SuperSaiyan3Scooby 19 6


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my theme. lol not really


What concepts in mooncleaver do you enjoy most? 

9 deviants said Characters
5 deviants said planets
4 deviants said Lore
3 deviants said Scenery/world scapes


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey gang, SuperSaiyanScooby here and welcome to my deviantart.

A little about me.

I am currently an art student who likes to draw my own oc's and fanart. I am working on a Sci fi space opera epic called the "Mooncleaver Universe". So far I am the only one involved with this project but over time I would like to have others work with me on it. My future plans for this project is to make a webcomic and then see where it goes from there. On my down time I make fan art and once in awhile I show off some other stuff.

I picked the name supersaiyanscooby because my goal is to keep pushing forward and to try to pass art barriers and ascend to the next level. Right now I consider myself a ssj3, I know it sounds high but there is still so many levels for me to get to. Ssj god blue kaioken x10 is still way far away from my curent art level lol.

I'm a Christian artist and proud of it. If you have any questions on how to be one to then feel free to ask but I usually will not talk about religion on my account. This is about my art so pleas do not try and start drama here.



My own take on Characters i love.

I can make sexy but not NSFW/ nude art. (the only time I will make NSFW content is when I am studying anatomy but if I post them on the web I will most likely censor them.)

and anything else I like.


I dont make yuri or yaoi .

Hentai, porn or anything nude or exposed. (unless for studies)

Heavy gore.

Anything racist

Anything in bad taste.


please do not steal or use my work without my permission

Friendly Christian by DanileeNatsumi Christian TF Fan stamp by TwinTwosGirl So What Are We Arguing About by SionnaDehr Humility Beats Pride stamp by M00NBRUSH

Activity mario odyssey looks to be my favorite game ever...... 😍
I dont want to spam your inbox with notifications, so for those who are following my mooncleaver project I will be updating the planet pics in my gallery. 
Oasis (update)
     I was not happy with the old pic, it looked to fake. I decided to start redoing some of my worlds. Im also going to start labeling which galaxy they are in and im adding a new layout.

Oasis is the home world to the Aquara and the Octara. It is the 3rd planet from its star and the second planet the humans found life on. Unlike Ruvania, (which can be seen from Oasis ) Oasis is far enough from its star for the planet to have almost tropical weather all year round. Because of its climat, 96% of the planet is covered in water. Most of the planet ocean is deep but the deepest part of the planet is where the Octara live. It is also the most dangerous, which is why the Octara population is so few. The aquara on the other hand, live in the shallows where it is predator free. They have made a beautiful society and their cities are considered to be the most beautiful in the solar system. When the humans found the Aquara it was not the humans who made the first contact. The Aquara were not as primitive as the Ruvians and had their own technology. all over the planet are beacons which send signals into space. much like humanity the aquara wanted to find other life in the universe and humanity picked up their call.

Now part of the UGU the Aquara have their own special unit called the Dead water Black opts. Currin was a member of this group before being transferred to be the first mate of captain Veiara Dark.

Unlike the Ruvians, Aquaras physiology is to difrent for them to mate with any other race but their own, so the percentage of relationships outside their own race is very low, about 8% (since it would be driven solely on emotions with no physical interaction). Despite this, the Aquara are one of the friendliest races one could meet. The Octara not so much.

more about Oasis  OC race - the Aquara - male. by SuperSaiyan3Scooby OC race - the Aquara - female by SuperSaiyan3Scooby OC race - the Octaras - female by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Stealthy by SuperSaiyan3Scooby Oasis flyby by SuperSaiyan3Scooby

more planets supersaiyan3scooby.deviantart.…

I used Daz and the 
HFS space system pack to make these. 
What concepts in mooncleaver do you enjoy most?
9 deviants said Characters
5 deviants said planets
4 deviants said Lore
3 deviants said Scenery/world scapes
Tagged by SpectralNebula

~Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
~Write 13 things about yourself.
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
~Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
~Don't say "You're tagged if you read this."
~It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
~no tagging back


13 random things about me:

1. I am 22 (will be 23 on June 11)

2. I am deathly allergic to hay and straw. When I was little my friend and I went to a scarecrow making event and I nearly passed out because I couldn't breathe. I can barely remember what happened but apparently I woke up in bed. I have since grown to be more tolerant to hay fever but it is still something that I have a hard time dealing with.

3. I am terrified of the Ocean or any mass of water that I can't see the bottom of. I have seen what lives down there o.O

4. I hate sharks. Those things never sleep, are always hungry, make no sound, can't get cancer, and can smell blood for miles. Please never give them legs and lungs.

5. I love reptiles more than most animals. I have had 2 Lizards and 6 amphibians. Best pets ever.

6. I am fine with dying but if I must go I want to go in style. Jumping into a active volcano, being the first person to see the inside and to be spaghettified by a Black Hole, repelling an alien invasion, or die fighting zombie hordes (like a boss) are all acceptable terms for my death. I refuse to die in a car accident or from the common flu.

7. I'm a geek, a nerd, a dork, a man child, and an introvert who rarely enjoyed "hanging out"

8. I love people but hate drama. If someone has an issue that is easily fixed but are just to lazy to "deal with it" then chances are I simply will not care. on the other hand, If someone needs legit help but cant find it then I will try to do all I can to help that person.

9. I have had only one semi-meaningful relationship but it only lasted a few weeks. Im currently not interested in relationships for several reasons. 1. I am an introvert so spending time with someone more then once a week is way too much. 2. prior to my jaw surgery I was less than attractive. Post surgery, I now have no problem attracting women but the experience of being homely and then becoming attractive has given me the gift of insight. I have no interest in shallow women who are only interested in looks. 3. I dont have the time or the energy to commit to a real relationship. 4. I LIKE BEING SINGLE.

10. I'm a really nice guy, I hate arguing and hate conflict but I can get nasty is pushed.

11. I am a caffeine hollic. I drink coffee like water and energy drinks like coffee.

12. I love big cities but I dont like living in them.

13. My favorite snack is slimjims :P.


Questions asked by SpectralNebula

1. Name a place where you prefer to be more than any other place. It can be somewhere you go to often or somewhere you've never been to but want to see.

The state Main. I have always wanted to move there. The colors, the climate, the seclusion makes it perfect for me.

2. What was your greatest adventure so far?

Um, I dont know, I guess just exploring my own brain.

3. Who is/are the most important person/people to you?

My Mother. God.

4.What is your childhood obsession?

I always wanted to be a detective, but that was before I got into art.

5. Out of all your original characters (or if no characters, original artworks) who/which is your favourite? Why?

Vexus is definitely my favorite. I originally thought her up years ago. I wanted a character that was just thrown into our world and forced into our view of wrong and right. Out of all my characters, she means the most to me and I feel like she is the most complete of them.

6.What position in life do you hope to be in 10 years from now?

Professional illustrator working for some studio somewhere. Or my own studio???

7. You've just been told that aliens have made contact with humans, and that they're strikingly similar to one of the races in popular science fiction. However that's all the information you've been given so far. Which race do you hope it to be? Which race do you hope it isn't?

The Ruvians. The ruvians are the most human like and share the ability to reproduce. On top of that, their coffee is literally out of this world lol.

8.Would you rather be an insane genius or sane but intellectually average?

intellectually average but if the potential to learn more.

9. If you could enter and make a new life in any fictional universe but had to start out as an average joe, which would you choose, if any?

A space pirate in My own universe. It would be the best way to visit all the worlds and with no restrictions I could do anything I wanted.

10. What is your favourite food group or type of food for meals? What are your favourite tastes or seasonings in meals? Do you like sweet, sharp, meaty, spicy, fiery, salty or something else, or a specific combination? What about textures too, any you like or dislike?

I love soups, red meats and green vegies. I can never get enough spice in my food. The hotter the pepper the better.

11. What is your greatest unfulfilled desire? If you don't want to say, then what's something you overindulge in and need to cut back on?

I would love to fly lol.

12. What are your biggest inspirations for your ideas?

Sci Fi but also real world science. I love anything to do with space. I try to not borrow to much form other universes but my biggest inspirations are DragonBall, Star Wars, and Interstellar.

13. If you could have any advanced skill instantly downloaded into your brain, which one would you choose?

The ability to unlock my brains full mental capacity.


Now, questions for you!

1. If you could visit any planet and not die, which planet would it be?

2.Cats or Dogs?

3. what is the goal that you which to meet with your art?

4. What country do you live in >:D 

5. If given a Million dollars what would you do with it?

6. Fiction or nonfiction?

7. If an alien race wanted to land on earth and live with humans what would your reaction be?

8. Dieing in a black hole is the way to go right? <:'D

9. What's the best food in the world?

10. any super power???

11. live a day in the shoes of?

12.favorite animated show?

13.favorite movie?



:iconcolourbrand: :icondampirella: :iconm00nbrush: :iconvillainess-art:

Im to lazy to try and find 8 other people :p


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